Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dreaming awake...

I just want to stay up all night and continue to work on my art.  It feels frustrating to have to stop and go to bed because I have a full-time job in the morning.  I should just feel grateful that I have a job.  What would be YOUR dream job?  Here are some fun ways that I would like to earn a living:  Selling my art through galleries across the world, Making documentaries of everyday people in diners across the country, being a horse rancher in Montana, being a donut-maker in Colorado and skiing off the donuts on my 4-day weekends, being a hip hop dancer for videos, being a veterinarian in the country and making house calls, designing and building playgrounds in Haiti, being a bee-keeper, being a midwife, being an animal behavioralist, being a shaman, being a pro-surfer, opening a year-round camp for kids AND adults, being a fashion designer, being a singer for a band and touring around the world, writing and illustrating a children's book or a book of poetry, being a gourmet food taste-tester, being an burlesque dancer, being a photo-journalist, being a make-up artist, etc.  Hopefully my life is long enough to explore quite a few of these... I plan on it.

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