Thursday, January 29, 2009

Aren't these great?  Speaking of things burlesque... This is a very interesting photographer/company, based in Austin, TX  (who says great things can't come from Texas?)  It is called 666photography    The website:

Dreaming awake...

I just want to stay up all night and continue to work on my art.  It feels frustrating to have to stop and go to bed because I have a full-time job in the morning.  I should just feel grateful that I have a job.  What would be YOUR dream job?  Here are some fun ways that I would like to earn a living:  Selling my art through galleries across the world, Making documentaries of everyday people in diners across the country, being a horse rancher in Montana, being a donut-maker in Colorado and skiing off the donuts on my 4-day weekends, being a hip hop dancer for videos, being a veterinarian in the country and making house calls, designing and building playgrounds in Haiti, being a bee-keeper, being a midwife, being an animal behavioralist, being a shaman, being a pro-surfer, opening a year-round camp for kids AND adults, being a fashion designer, being a singer for a band and touring around the world, writing and illustrating a children's book or a book of poetry, being a gourmet food taste-tester, being an burlesque dancer, being a photo-journalist, being a make-up artist, etc.  Hopefully my life is long enough to explore quite a few of these... I plan on it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hearing voices...

What do you like to do on your day(s) off?  I feel most happy when I am creating... painting, collaging, journaling, drawing... My challenge is to not get too distracted by the voice in my head that tells me that I should be doing "more productive" things, like cleaning, organizing, calling people, searching the web, making lunches, pretty much anything but creating.  I think that my "productive voice" is made up of a combination of people and experiences...  The gooey shame slime that seems to seep out of my brain from living with Attention Deficit Disorder... Whether or not I want to label myself with the "disorder," I definitely have always found myself having to dance with this distractive force throughout my life... I don't consider it a completely negative thing... I think that it also harbors some of my creativity, spontaneity, patience, empathy, and silliness.  Those things are all important to me... So, I take the challenging with the easy!  I just need to be aware of my easily entertained and overly stimulated noggin, to be intentionally "productive" in the ways I need to be... So, I will forge ahead, to create today, on my day off!  

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


REALLY hoping for a SNOW day tomorrow!!!

Learning to blog...

is kind of like searching for marshmallows in a cloud... I am so grateful for  It can be so helpful, to just ask a question and get all kinds of answers from all the people who are the kind of people who actually answer the questions on  Have you ever answered a question on  Maybe I will look for a question I can answer with some type of helpfulness and post it.  Anyway... a little patience with me while I am learning about how to set up my blog/layout, etc.  In the meantime I will try to leave you with an image I like, from a very old book called, "The Boy Who Knew What the Birds Said"  (by Padraic Colum, illustrated by Dugald Stewart Walker):
: Isn't it lovely?


I love "Married to the Sea" and Natalie Dee... Check them out!

Sunday, January 25, 2009